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Commissioning Matthew Prins for compositions and arrangements

Some people, when they buy a new car, enjoy bartering with the salesman over every last dollar to try to get the best possible offer. I am not one of those people. I like knowing what a store's price of an item is upfront, and then I'll decide whether to buy the item based on that information (and the information from other stores).

One of the biggest concerns I hear from musicians and directors about commissions is not having a clue how much the commission might cost before asking around -- even whether it might cost $200 or $2000! -- not to mention figuring out how much wiggle room is in that quoted price. For those people like me, I've created a little web worksheet for you to figure out exactly how much a Matthew Prins commission would cost, based on your particular needs. If the commission price comes out higher than you'd like, you can change some of your criteria to try to lower my price (make the piece shorter; make the time I have to work on it longer) or, of course, solicit prices from other composers.

Handbell Configuration:

Other Instruments:

Other Instruments:

Length of Work:

Time to Complete Work:

If you have any further questions or if you'd like to commission a piece from Matthew, please e-mail him at or call him at (847) 282-4530.

Note: While these prices are good for either original works or arrangements, for arrangements of works still under copyright (any work written after 1922), an additional fee of about $25-$100 will have to be paid to the work's ASCAP, BMI, or SOCAN publisher.