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Commissioning Matthew Prins for compositions and arrangements

Look. If you're on the page, you're probably trying to find out how much it costs to commission a work from me.

So I'll tell you.

Probably $300.

That's on the low side for a handbell commission, no doubt. But I love writing commissions, so I'd perversely rather do 10 commissions for $300 a piece than 6 commissions for $500 each -- even though I'd make the same upfront money either way. (Obviously I'll probably make more in sales in the long-term from the 10 pieces than the 6, which is part of what makes keeping the prices low work financially for me.)

There are exceptions, and they almost always make the price go up. If you want an arrangements of work still under copyright (any work written after 1922), it's probably $50-$100 more, paid directly to the copyright holder. Additional instruments or vocalists? $50-$200 more, depending on how many parts. Extra long piece? $100-$200 more, depending how long. Commissioning more than one work at once? Probably $25 less per piece.

I work fairly quickly, so probably two-thirds of the time I can finish your piece in under a month. (Worst times: Decembers and summers.) Essentially always I will have it done in under two.

So if you have questions, or if you're curious how the commissioning process works, or if you'd like to commission a piece from me, please e-mail me at or call me at (224) 522-9987.